Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ellen’s Pet Dish

Ellen’s Pet Dish, pet show, pets, dog, cats

It's so cool to be Ellen DeGeneres pets, they even have their own TV show. Ellen is branching out with a new show that features her pets in animated form. It's a partnership between Ellen Digital Ventures and Warner Bros.’ Blue Ribbon Content.

Ellen’s Pet Dish is a 12-week digital series created by DeGeneres, which will premiere on and Ellen’s Youtube Channel on March 22. The show is a cartoon version of her pets, this will give the audience a peek into what these pampered pets do when DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi are out of the house.

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pet Owners Treat their Pets with cannabis

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pot for pets, marijuana for pets

pot for pets, marijuana for pets

pot for pets, marijuana for pets

Hudson has always been a happy, fun-loving dog, but the 12-year-old Portuguese water dog slowed down considerably after her arthritis worsened and a toe was amputated.

Michael Fasman of San Francisco use alternative medicine to treat his dog's illness, he uses cannabis or marijuana. His 12-year-old dog named Hudson limps from pain caused by arthritis and an amputated toe. He does not want to give his dog painkillers because "they just knock her out."

Every morning Fasman squeezed several drops of a cannabis extract onto a plate of yogurt, which the Portuguese water dog eat up in seconds. It's become part of Hudson's daily routine.

"We think it's really lifted her spirits and made her a happier dog," Fasman said. "It's not that she's changed. She's just back to her good old self."

As more states legalize marijuana for humans, more pet owners are giving their furry companions cannabis-based extracts, ointments and edibles marketed to treat everything from arthritis and anxiety to seizures and cancer.

These pet products that contains cannabis are not yet regulated, and they contain cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical compound found in cannabis that doesn't get pets or humans high. They contain little or no tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the cannabis compound known for its psychoactive effects.

However, experts say that there are not enough scientific data to show cannabis is safe and effective for treating animals. But despite of lack of scientific data or veterinary guidance, many pet owners are convinced cannabis has improved their pet's health and well-being, based on their own observations.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Heartbreaking note Attached To A Dog given up for Adoption

Rhino dog, Rhino lightning story

A dog which was given up for adoption has a note from the owner in a notepad hanging from his collar and it was written by a child. The family's daughter wrote a 15-page note in a tiny spiral notebook which has details and instructions that would be helpful for Rhino's new owner.

It started with “Hi, if you’re reading this you must own Rhino now. He was my puppy. I really hope he is in a good environment. I really miss him. I wish he knew that he was a pretty puppy," she wrote.

The girl's family gave up the dog because it has several small children. The family admits the decision was heart-wrenching. They said they only had the 3-year-old dog for five months, having picked him up from the shelter themselves. They loved him very much however, the dog was too big and too energetic for their young children.

The girl also included his favorite toy which is a green Nerf ball but never give him a tennis ball since he rips them apart. The girl also ask the new owner to not rename him. “His full name is Rhino Lightning (then your last name). Please don’t rename him.”

Rhino's new owner is Melanie Hill of Clearfield, she went to the Humane Society looking for a dog. When she saw Rhino it was love at first sight. She took Rhino home to Davis County -- along with the note pad and the detailed instructions. Hill said she doesn't know anything about Rhino's previous owner, but she wants the girl to know Rhino will be loved by her family and his name will stay the same.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Drug Company Disputes Owners' claims that their Popular Flea Medication Killed Pets

Merck, a drug company disputes Channel 2’s Jim Strickland documents that shows dog owners believe the drug called Bravecto is connected to the death of thousands of pets worldwide. 

Bravecto, is a dog chew that is very powerful and effective with only one dose it can kill fleas and ticks for three months. Pharmaceutical giant Merck says it's safe and effective, but the number of dog owners who think otherwise is growing.

Donna White of Buckhead one of the pet owners who are blaming the drug said "I believe that Bravecto killed my dog. That's the only thing I changed his entire life." Her dog named "JoJo" vomited the first two times she gave him Bravecto, which is a known side effect. But 12 hours after the third dose, he had to be rushed to the veterinarian for emergency CPR. It didn't work and JoJo died.

Chris Weber said his dog, Truck, suffered for weeks after dose number three. Then one day, "He put his head in the bowl, turned back and looked at me and collapsed at my feet," Weber told Strickland. Weber euthanized his dog on Thanksgiving Day.

In a letter to veterinarians, Merck said of the dog deaths featured in their investigation: “There were no necropsies performed...the pet owners declined.”

However, Chris Weber of north Fulton County told Strickland that he never got the option of necropsy.

“Merck has not done absolutely anything for me. I was told that after their veterinary professional speaks with mine that they would be calling me. I never heard a word,” Chris Weber said.

The owners of two other dogs who made allegations against Bravecto told Strickland that their dogs were already buried before necropsies could be performed.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In case of Divorce, Pets Will Be Treated Like Children in Alaska Courts

divorce, pets, dogs, cats

Divorce between husband and wife can be convoluted and it can affect the whole family and it almost always end up in a fight on who gets what house, children, TV, and pets. A lot of times pet lovers are asking, can you consider your pet to be your child? However, in law, animals are treated as property. So although pet custody battles are often passionate and ugly courts consider pets as part of the “property distribution” in a divorce.

In Alaska they have amended their divorce statutes that took effect last week, which is trending in the world of animal law. It makes Alaska the first state in the U.S. to require courts to take “into consideration the well-being of the animal” and to explicitly empower judges to assign joint custody of pets. In a blog post, the Animal Legal Defense Fund called the well-being provision “groundbreaking and unique.”

“It is significant,” said David Favre, a Michigan State University law professor who specializes in animal law. “For the first time, a state has specifically said that a companion animal has visibility in a divorce proceeding beyond that of property — that the court may award custody on the basis of what is best for the dog, not the human owners.”

Unfortunately for fish lovers, law does not include it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pensacola Man Accused Of Repeatedly Sexually Assaulting a Pit Bull

Bradley Jean Hubbard, Bradley Jean Hubbard dog rapist

Bradley Jean Hubbard, 23 of Pensacola was arrested after being accused of allegedly raping and sexually assaulting a Pit Bull for over 3½ years. He was arrested on Monday at his Pelham Drive address after a family member reported the ongoing sexual assault of the family pet, a pit bull or bull dog mix named "Baby Girl."

Hubbard lived with his father and his father's girlfriend during the period of the offenses, which allegedly had continued for more than three years.

A family member who lived in the home reported the incident, saying she had physically seen Hubbard take the animal to his bedroom and engage in sexual contact with the dog, estimating it to have happened more than 100 times in the past several years. She had been able to witness the attack as Hubbard's bedroom door has a hole in it, as a result of a violent outburst. She also said that she heard the dog cry out in pain during episodes that she said escalated during 2016. She told police Hubbard brushed off questions by saying the victimized animal was in heat.

Hubbard’s roommate told officers she didn’t report it earlier because she “did not want to get Hubbard in trouble.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

GoPro-Wearing Guide Dog Shows the Struggle of a Blind Person and his guide dog

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A blind British man, Amit Patel who works in London, depend on his guide dog named "Kika" to get him through his busy commute each day. He strapped a Gopro on her vest to record everything she sees throughout the day. Kika is a 3-year-old Labrador.

Mr. Patel lost his eyesight five years ago due to a disorder called keratoconus. Keratoconus is when the shape of one's cornea changes, causing limited sight, blurred vision and glare.

Patel said Kika has changed his life tremendously, Kika have been helping him navigate the sometimes tough streets on London to commute to work. He volunteers at The Royal National Institute of Blind People.

He said "99% of my journeys are absolutely fantastic. There are so many nice people out there, but it's that 1 percent that makes life difficult." There are times they encounter rude people during his commute. He said sometimes people will "budge her," "poke her or push her," and one terrible incident when other commuters told him, "'Oh, that lady just hit your dog with an umbrella.'".

Patel started a Twitter account, @Kika_GuideDog, to raise awareness of the importance of guide dogs. He even recently strapped a Go Pro camera onto Kika so people can see what it's like for a guide dog to do its tough job.